333 N. California: Sold

“It’s taken my wife, Maria, and I about a year to find a home. The process was challenging, at
times frustrating, and a balancing act trying to find a home we liked, that we could afford, in a
neighborhood in which we wanted to live.

We were about three months into the process when we met Craig at an open house in Studio
City. We weren’t looking for a Realtor (we already had two), but there was something in Craig’s
nature that we both immediately warmed to- a combination of patience and enthusiasm that
we felt was ideal. Craig also helped us get excited about life in the Valley. We were relocating
from West Hollywood, and were afraid that life would end north of the 101, but Craig showed
us the fun spots, and made us feel welcome.

As we searched for homes over the next nine months, Craig always maintained that balance of
enthusiasm and patience. He really honed in on what we were looking for, while showing us
interesting opportunities that we might not have otherwise considered. He also had a great
understanding for all the little pockets and neighborhoods, and would steer us clear of that bad
neighborhood masquerading any “good deals”.

Throughout this process there was no rush to buy, we felt that Craig was committed to us
finding a home that we loved as we were. When that day finally came, we found that dream
place- the happy marriage of price; house and location- Craig told us to jump on it. As in make
an offer the same day. Initially, I was skeptical, as the house had only been on the market for
two weeks, and it was the first time that I felt rushed. Finally, we decided to listen to his advice,
which was fortunate, as there was already two other offers on the house. We were now in a
bidding war.

This is when the value of a great Realtor really began to come into play. Not only did Craig
make sure that we got the place (for under asking), but we even put less down than the other
couple we were bidding against. The relationship that Craig has built in the community, and
the strength of his reputation, really goes a long way when you are trying to get things done.
He was there every step of the way, and when things got tough, he fought for us and supported
us through closing and beyond.

Maria and I love our home, and we know that we probably wouldn’t have it without the help
of Craig. We know that he will be our Realtor for life. WE recommend him to all of our friends,
and after seeing the great house we got (for a great price), a lot more of them are considering
the dreaded move north of the 101.

— Nick and Maria

1361 N. Paseo Redondo: Sold

“…At the time, we were leasing a house that we would certainly consider buying but a notice of foreclosure sped up that procedure! Quite frankly, if it weren’t for Craig going WAY above and beyond, we would not be in our house period! He basically, single-handedly, rescued this property for us and we will be forever grateful. There’s a passion that Craig shows for what he does that’s rare and it’s been a pleasure working with him. We’re proud to call him our agent and most importantly our friend.”

— David & Maria Hope

16949 Strawberry: Sold

“In my business, flipping houses; you have to surround yourself with the best. This is exactly what I get from Craig. From purchase negotiations through final sale, he is integral to the success I have with my properties. His input is educated and appropriate and he is a marketing master. Long story short…use him, you’ll be happy…”

— Terri

3148 Dona Emilia Dr.: Sold

“Without the direction and expertise Craig provided, we would still be in our old house, losing money, and waiting for the market recovery. We love our new house and enjoy every minute of every day. Relentless, energetic, and passionate!”

— Rodney & Popi Balbuena

13650 Marina Pointe Dr.: Sold

“My first meeting with Craig was emotional due to my mortgage situation. By the end of my meeting, he made me feel completely at ease and hopeful that he could help me with my short sale. His continued professionalism and determination resulted in a successful short sale! I’m so grateful and would recommend him to anyone I know. Thanks again Craig!”

— Sheela Washington

606 N. Rose St.: Sold

“Craig was instrumental in not just finding, but helping us acquire our dream home. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results and highly recommend him. We weren’t even looking to move, but Craig found us a perfect home at the perfect price. Given today’s economy, that’s saying something!”

— Darran Norris & Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn

2685 Zorada Dr.: LA-Sold

“I hired Craig to list my home because he is professional, knowledgeable, experienced, and no one works as hard as he does. Craig is my first choice in Real Estate…”

— Mia Lee

4273 Navajo: Sold

“We selected Craig to sell our home for two very specific reasons: the first is that he is an expert in the location and the second is he is an expert at what he does. We received not only his full attention, but also his full commitment. How do we know that? Craig sold our home in a downward trending market in 2 weeks at a fantastic price with multiple offers. We referred him immediately and again, 100% success. Realtors don’t get better than Craig.”

— Gene Klow

5154 Gloria: Sold

“Craig is a very professional and warm agent who helped us with our home. Not only did we gain a great agent, but friend out of this deal! Thank you so very much for such a pleasant experience.”

— Michael & Monica Taylor

10402 Bloomfield: Sold

“Craig Strong has worked tirelessly for the sale of my home. He knows the Real Estate business and my neighborhood. He is the Toluca Lake expert and my choice for an agent.”

— Esau Aguirre

4316 Clybourn: Sold

“Boy did I make the right decision. I know quite a few residential Realtors and most of the time when I would see them was on the weekend at the Golf Course! Not Craig Strong, this guy worked morning, noon, and night seven days a week to get my property SOLD. It all paid off with a SALE in two weeks followed by a five day ESCROW. Kudos to Craig Strong.”

— Randy Landsberger

4316 Clybourn: Sold

“Craig has been my agent for many years. We have been in and out of escrow a few times but he didn’t give up and kept on looking for me. Craig negotiated a great deal for me on this house. I couldn’t be happier with his efforts on this home. Being that my schedule is crazy, he always found a way to work around it. Thanks again.”

— David Barrett

4167 Stansbury: Sold

“We wouldn’t be in our home today without all his efforts and professionalism. Craig sold our home in 1 week for $1.3 million dollars in the Hollywood Hills and found us this incredible home on Stansbury in Sherman Oaks. When we had major issues with our loan, Craig was able to stay on top of it and make it all happen for us.”

— David & Tarwyn Tattersall

125 N. Valley St: Sold

“I thought I’d saw every home in the hills of Studio City until Craig showed me the one I purchased. He sold my house in Toluca Lake for $1.5 million and represented me on the purchase of this home in Studio City, also for $1.5 million. Craig is extremely professional and somehow just gets everything done without bothering me.”

— Michael Williams

10423 McCormick: Sold

“You were so incredible to work with through all the craziness. We really can’t thank you enough for everything. Craig sold our Encino condo the first week for as well as our house in Van Nuys, in addition to representing us on the purchase of our new home in Toluca Lake. He is such a great agent!”

–Jack & Jill Thomas

16857 Escalon Dr: Sold

“We did it! We flipped in a tough market. Great accuracy on the pricing. Thank you for everything.”

— The Lewis & Family

16760 Oak View Dr: Sold

“We can’t believe you got us through this crazy escrow. Thank you so much for everything. Craig sold our difficult home for $1.7 million dollars in a tough market.”

— David & Jennifer

4103 Laurel Grove: Sold

“I can’t tell you enough how much I love my home. It is so cute. It is perfect for my kids and me. We love it here. Thank you again for everything.”

— Jennifer

7732 Jellico Ave.: Sold

“Between the flag on our title and the problems with the guest house, you got us through it all, thank you. We really thought we were going to be stuck with this house.”

— Aletia Fehnana

7701 LaSaine: Sold

“We met Craig at an open house he had listed around the corner. He came into our home, took very good care of us, and sold it. In addition, he helped us find another home. We were extremely happy with his professionalism and highly recommend him.”

–Rian Scott Irwin

2103 Ridgemont: Sold

I highly recommend Craig Strong when listing your home for sale. I had a wonderful experience and being that I’m a retired Realtor myself, I was very particular about who I chose to deal with my transaction. I have known Craig for the past several years and trusted him completely when it came to my own piece of property. My property was sold in a very timely manner for being a short sale, with minimal anxiety on my end. Craig provided me with seamless service and I will gladly refer ALL my friends and family to him! I really enjoyed working with this gentlemen.

— Eddie

4649 Cartwright Ave., Toluca Lake: Sold

Let’s face it! Buying or selling a house is stressful. You have to deal with loan documents, appraisals, and inspections that reveal hidden flaws in your dream house. Any one problem could derail your purchasing of the house that you want to grow old in. But with Craig Strong as your agent, he takes on those challenges and figures out a way of conquering them. He did that for me when he sold one house, and when I purchased that PERFECT house. He took on the problems that would ordinarily scuttle an escrow, and in the end, it appeared he never broke a sweat. Thanks, and cheers to him!!

Normally that would be enough, but not for Craig Strong… a man that clearly lives up to his name. Why did you know, HE was responsible for the Egyptian revolution, the eventual capture of Julian Assange from Wikileaks fame, and if that weren’t enough, he discovered two languages that existed in the jungles of New Guinea. That would be high praise for any ordinary man, but not Craig Strong, winner of the 2008 Noble Peace Prize and 2009 Pulitzer for his photo expose’ entitled “Blackwater: Mercenaries Fit for the World Court.” He is rumored to be on the brink of curing cancer with one drop of his blood mixed with stem cells. He has recently taken the profits from his 2010 sales and donated them to build a state of the art learning facility in Zimbabwe. Whispers of another Nobel win for 2011 persist.

— Gary Geuss

12145 Viewcrest: Sold

We really appreciate all of the hard work that you put in for us on this deal. We wouldn’t have known our a**es from a hole in the ground without you. You are a fantastic Realtor and person – and we are very grateful for all that you did for our family. We are moving in over the weekend, and are hoping to stay in the place Sunday night.

— Joe Calvert

4649 Cartwright Ave., Toluca Lake: Sold

We very much appreciated the diligence, professionalism, and service that we received when we listed our residence with Craig Strong. He provided a detail-oriented approach to our needs and steered us smoothly through all of the hurdles in this roller-coaster-ride world of selling a home. We felt complete confidence with his expertise throughout each segment of our transaction. The personalized touches that Craig delivered far exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend the exceptional benefits and amazing services of working with this very fine Realtor.

— Michael & Beverly Praiswater

1972 N. Curson Ave., Los Angeles: Sold

“We loved working with Craig on the sale of our home. He handled the entire process with professionalism, candor, and a bit of much-needed humor. He supported us every step of the way and left no question or concern unanswered. He will always be our “go to” Realtor. We will definitely be recommending him to our friends and family. He’s great.”

— Tomiko & Chris Hines

11233 Blix Street: Sold

“Craig, thank you for an incredible job. It’s been a pleasure working with you
and I will highly recommend you to everyone. Let’s stay in touch.”

— Sandra Bernhard

12322 Otsego St., Valley Village: Sold

“I entered into the selling of my parent’s home with great trepidation and heartache. Their home for over 40 years meant so much to them but the time had come to move them into an assisted living situation and sell their home.

What could have been a stressful time for me, was somehow made effortless and even easy with your thoughtful, prompt and intelligent professionalism. Miraculously, both parties (representing both the seller and buyer) felt good about the sale. The communication between both was always handled in an authentic manner that invoked trust from both sides. Your great sense of humor was a bonus to the entire process.

Thank you for truly caring that I was always well-informed and content with every moment during the escrow process. I can’t imagine this sale with another agent. Even my dad…who was sad to say goodbye to his home… said over and over again “what a great guy that Craig is!”…. And, for me, having my dad untroubled throughout was the most important piece.”

— Paula Noah

11635 Woodbridge St. Studio City: Sold

“My wife and I were first time homebuyers and, needless to say, a little nervous about going through the process of finding our first home. We decided to use Craig at the recommendation of a friend who had had a positive experience, and we could not have been more pleased with our decision. Not only was Craig was extremely knowledgeable about the areas in which we were looking, he was also a reliable partner in helping us find the right home, providing clear answers to our many questions and sound guidance during times of indecision. Additionally, Craig went above and beyond to ensure our complete comfort and satisfaction. Whether it was responding to late night emails, meeting at a prospective home on a moment’s notice, or recommending a contractor to install floors, Craig took the time to make the potentially stressful process of home buying very enjoyable. More than anything, Craig is a pleasure to work with and we are pleased to be able to recommend him to others as our friends did us.”

— Ben & Lea Adams

23307 W. Bocana Dr. Malibu: Sold

“Craig sold our asset in 1 week, in this down market. He handles numerous properties of ours and comes through every time! I highly recommend Craig in the sale of your home.”

— OWB Asset Manager

4641 Fulton Ave. Sherman Oaks: Sold

“Thank you for the wonderful work you did on my behalf. I couldn’t be more pleased with your services and competence. Thank you also for taking care of the cleaning crew and trash company. If you ever need a testimonial of praise…I will be the first in line. It was a pleasure doing business with you.”

— Anita Genest

6337 Weidlake Dr.: Sold

“This note is to convey heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the work of our Realtor Craig Strong. From the day we met Craig at an open house to the close of our transaction, Craig has been nothing short of superb. Not only did he completely understand our needs but made sure to steer us away from our initial misguided home choices. As the process dragged out over time, Craig assured us we would end up with the home of our dreams. Despite the uncertain market we did indeed find a home to love.

Finding and buying a home are two vastly different things. As it turns out our transaction had its challenges but Craig shepherded us through with grace and aplomb. His calm confidence, his experience and his knowledge of how to deal with the other players in the transaction ended up being critical to our closing smoothly.

We look forward to keeping Craig as a friend and will certainly be sure to refer his services often.

With fondness and gratitude.”

— Donna Franco & Ember Martin

3543 E. California Blvd. Pasadena: Sold

“My husband and I would highly recommend Craig Strong as an outstanding Realtor. Craig’s energy, sense of humor, and optimism kept us going when we felt we would never find the right home. We appreciated his very valuable advice, which eventually led us to the perfect house. Thanks, Craig!”

— Patricia Schade & Thomas Jackiewicz

3450 Vista Haven Rd., Sherman Oaks: Sold

“Craig really came through for me. My wife and I were living on the East Coast which made finding a home difficult due to our strict schedule and time constraints. Craig made a stressful transaction and transition very easy. I HIGHLY recommend him to other USC faculty members.”

— Jake

4832 Cartwright Ave., Toluca Lake: Sold

“Craig Strong sold our mother’s home in a very timely manner. His knowledge of the Toluca Lake and surrounding area was unmatched. He offered the best suggestions and advice for the most productive showing of the property. When issues arose with potential buyers, he addressed them quickly and professionally. It was a smooth and seamless sale. Thank you Craig Strong. We are going to put our own home on the market and we are choosing Craig Strong to do the job!”

— Harvey Jordan & Debi Derryberry

4725 Forman Ave., Toluca Lake: Sold

“Working with Craig Strong on the sale of our home was the best thing I could have done. I’m a Broker myself and tried selling our home for about 6 months with little or no results. It’s then that I contacted Craig Strong. From the very beginning to the very end, working with Craig was great! Honestly, I looked forward to our meetings. He always listened to my concerns and then gave me honest constructive feedback.

He’s got a great sense of humor and a laid back approach, but believe me- behind the scenes he takes care of business like a ten-ton Mack truck. He’s very tough on title and escrow and 3rd party service providers to do their jobs. He and his dedicated staff are on it and don’t let small stuff fall through the cracks.

As we approached the closing date, I was overwhelmed with packing & logistics but still had not taken care of some repairs stipulated in the contract. Craig asked if I wanted him to send over some of his repairmen to do the work. I agreed – this was a huge burden off my back and then he surprised me and said he would pay for it!

The close date was fast approaching and I far fro being moved out. Craig noticed this right away and stepped in. He said, “Okay, anything you leave in the garage will be picked up tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. and hauled away.” This is what really helped get us out of the house on time – otherwise we would have taken another day or two. Craig was kind enough to pay for that also.

We left a pile about 3.5 feet high, 9 feet wide and 9 feet deep in the garage… when he sent the after photos at 9:30 a.m. the following morning, you could eat lunch off the garage floor.

I can’t say enough good things about the guy and I recommend him to anyone serious about selling their home. He’s the real Deal.”

–John Adair

10221 Moorpark St., Toluca Lake: Sold

“Craig is an amazing Realtor. At least I think he is but since he sold my house in a day for asking price I didn’t get to see him in action all that much. Not only did he do a tremendous job of marketing our house, his extensive contacts allowed him to find the right buyer for it so we didn’t have to go through the pain of staging multiple open houses. Craig also made the entire transaction painless and stress free. I’m actually thinking of moving again just I can spend more time with him.”

–David Krinsky

10647 Camarillo St., Toluca Lake & 4907 Arcola Ave, Toluca Lake: Sold

“Craig Strong has sold 2 properties for us and helped us buy one. Craig is extremely knowledgeable in the area we bought and sold (Toluca Lake, Valley Village) which made it an easy choice for us to choose him as our Realtor. His professionalism and attention to detail made the process painless and quick. In face, he arranged it so our purchase closed on the same day as our sale closed. He has a vast contact base of great references of loan officers, movers, etc. Everything went according to plan and he answered all our calls promptly. We highly recommend Craig Strong.”


–Debi Derryberry and Harvey Jordan

4715 Forman Ave. Toluca Lake: Sold

“Craig is the best and I do not say that lightly! It was a difficult
time to sell my children’s and mine home and Craig was extremely caring and efficient. He took care of many details, followed through and went above and beyond for me. Not only did he get my home sold in about six weeks, but our 30 day escrow closed in 35 days. Quite the miracle, when you consider the sudden loss of my father and my unavailability for a week, the buyer’s bank initially used an appraiser who was unfamiliar with the area and severely under-appraised my home and Hurricane Sandy hit in the last week of escrow shutting down the financial process in New York. Throughout this nightmare, Craig was kind, told me not to worry about a thing (and he meant it) and let me put my family first. He totally went to bat with the bank, provided them with page after page of documentation of why their appraiser was incorrect. The bank agreed, sent out a new appraiser and my home was properly appraised and again we were moving forward. Impossible without Craig’s expertise and years of experience. I will never be able to thank Craig enough for his compassion, professionalism, excellent communication and just being a good person throughout the sale of my home.”

–Julia Cardwell

4279 Clybourn Ave. Toluca Lake: Sold

“Craig Strong is the consummate professional; dedicated, ethical, knowledgeable and passionate about his profession. During the entire process of this sale, Craig’s work ethnic highlighted his honesty and transparency but, most importantly, he demonstrated genuine concern for my son and me. My best interest was his interest and his diligence and follow-through brought the sale of my home to closing. I highly recommend Craig to anyone who is interested in buying or selling their home. It was an absolute pleasure to have Craig as my Realtor!”


1725 Meridian, South Pasadena: Sold

“Craig Strong is a leader when it comes to real estate. He knows what the client wants and knows when to close a deal. I now understand why USC recommends him.”

-Hussein Yassine & Diala Faddoul

4907 Arcola Ave., Toluca Lake: Sold

I absolutely loved working with Craig. He sold my home so quickly, I couldn’t believe it! His charm and professionalism made the whole process run smoothly.
His knowledge and experience brought a comfort level to the process. I would recommend Craig for every sale!

–Ana Gibert